App Integrators is a small firm based in Cape Town, South Africa specialising in web app integration and business process automation for small businesses. We work remotely and service small businesses all over the world. App Integrators was founded by Chris Preen.


Chris Preen – App Integrators Founder


Chris is veteran internet entrepreneur having founded Find a Professional, a group of online directories for South African Professionals, in 2004. The business is still running successfully over fifteen years later, and is still dominant in its niche markets in South Africa.

Chris began using Zapier in 2017 to automate his own business processes. Although reasonably experienced in front-end dev, Chris was always dependent on full-stack devs to add any API integrations, and this caused him much frustration as a lot of his product ideas never came into fruition because of tech resource bottlenecks. As a result, he fell in love with how Zapier empowered him to add all sorts of functionality and integrations without having to go through external devs.

With Zapier, Chris has managed to automate so many of his own business processes, that he was able to launch App Integrators and focus more on his passion for business automation, helping other small business owners free up more of their own time, whilst simultaneously increasing their business efficiency and improving customer support.

App Integrators was the second firm in Africa to qualify as a Zapier Certified Expert.

In addition to the Zapier certification, Chris is a business graduate, has a wealth of experience in small business management, and is a contributer to SME Entrepreneur’s Thought Leader series.

Contact Chris today to find out how you can free up your time, overcome business inefficiencies, and turbo-charge your marketing.